Bose Consulting provides senior level consultants with the core skills and experience that make the firm such a success with our clients. The core management is backed up by a team of highly expert consulting Associates drawn from across the world.

Our consultants have at least 20 years of experience in their specialist fields.  We create highly expert teams to exactly fit the Client’s needs. Some of our key consultants are profiled below.

  • Carl Johan Rosenquist

    Carl Johan is a highly respected strategic business and IT consultant with extensive international line management, program management and program director experience working in the Central Banking, Financial Services, Securities and Stock Exchange Domain, virtual-Commerce, Energy and Government sectors.

    Carl Johan has acted as Program Director for several central banking projects (RTGS, ACH and GSRS) as well as payment and clearing systems, CSD and e-payments, smart cards, EFTPOS, he established the world’s first interoperable mobile payment system.

    Carl Johan has held posts as General Manager of Unisys in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Prior to that he was General Manager of Logica UK and Logica Far East. Carl Johan has also published numerous articles on IT and Business areas since 1989 to the present day.

  • Mark St Giles

    Mark is a seasoned financial market professional with career in broking, investment banking, asset management and regulation with over 30 years of experience. He specialises in market development, drafting legislation and regulation and training. Mark has consulted to securities commissions, financial market regulators and market participants in more than thirty transition, emerging and developing markets. He has been a trainer for UK Investment Management Association. Mark is the author of the renowned, standard textbook on mutual funds ‘Managing Collective Investment Funds’ (Latest edition 2013).

  • Koen Vanderheyden

    Chief Finance Officer

    Koen is a member of the Brussels and Luxembourg bar and has 25 years of experience as a lawyer specialising in capital markets infrastructure and financial services including investment funds.  Koen has extensive knowledge of EU and international best practices and regulatory evolutions in developed and emerging markets.  Koen has advised on the largest IPO in Belgium to date as well as on strategy and public policy development programs at government level, advocacy at the EU and for top tier financial institutions. His resume includes Partnerships at DLA Piper and at a PWC associate law firm. Koen’s EU regulatory financial services practice is ranked tier one by legal 500.

  • Sin Keat Cheah

    VP Sales and Marketing

    Sin Keat has held demanding Executive positions in the central markets environment in major international markets. He oversaw the multi-year development of the high successful Malaysian infrastructure and operations as well as NASDAQ Dubai and Borse Dubai. Sin Keat successfully transferred his knowledge and approach to the consulting world and is bringing about business change in rapidly developing markets, he has played a pivotal role in the business and risk process re-engineering to prepare the Sri Lankan market institutions to create a CCP. Sin Keat’s senior roles included:

    • Managing Director, Borse Dubai Limited.
    • Head of Clearing and Risk Management NASDAQ Dubai.
    • Head of Market Operations New Zealand Exchange.
    • Head, Exchange, Clearing, Settlement & Depository, Bursa Malaysia.
  • Peter Premk

    Founder & CEO

    Peter is a highly experienced Legal and regulatory consultant to financial markets specialising in securities exchanges and clearing & settlement regulations, procedures and internal organizations, banking law and corporate law.

    Peter takes an expert legal as well as business view of legal and regulatory change needed to support infrastructure development affecting central institutions as well as market participants.

    Peter has advised a wide variety of central market institutions in a number of legal consulting assignments around the world.

  • Simon Brickles

    Chief Marketing Officer

    Simon spent 17 years developing and operating markets especially for smaller and medium enterprises. He has run two of the UK’s equity markets. Under his leadership, The London Stock Exchange’s AIM became probably the most successful growth market in the world attracting more companies than all the other growth markets in Europe combined and raising around US $100 billion.

    Simon also created the first, new full stock exchange in London for two hundred years in PLUS Markets plc. He has also been a CEO of a publicly traded company and an adviser to companies as well being a stock exchange chief. Simon, therefore, has experienced the markets both as a market operator and as director of a quoted company.

    Simon is a qualified Advocate.

  • Dr. Gordon Clarke

    Tax Consultant

    Gordon has been a Consultant in the banking and payments industry since 1980, specialising in advice and implementation for inter-bank payment systems, payment cards (including smart cards and loyalty cards), mobile phone payment systems and core banking systems. Gordon also works with government organisations on electronic service delivery.

    He also has extensive experience in banking, retail and insurance strategy, especially in connection with technology-related products; and in cost reduction, profit improvement and business development generally. Gordon has also assisted a number of central banks with the requirements for legal and regulatory change in response to implementation of new payment systems and electronic payment instruments.

    Gordon was previously a Partner of PWC consulting.

  • Paul King

    Paul has over 25 years if business and IT experience in blue-chip institutions in all key areas of capital markets as a consultant and also working within investment banks and stockbrokers.

  • Erik Huitfeldt

    Erik is a former Judge with law degrees from Harvard Law School and the University of Oslo. He has, for the past 17 years,worked as an international legal and regulatory advisor and completed 95 projects, including on-site work in 38 countries for the World Bank, IMF, IFC, ADB, IADB, CARTAC, USAID, the First Initiative, and numerous governments. Erik has special expertise in financial sector legislation, commercial law and public financial management.

    Erik resides in Washington DC, and his working languages are English, French and Scandinavian.

  • Jan-Erik Audsen

    Jan Erik has over 20 years of experience as a strategy consultant, entrepreneur and project manager consulting experience at high level. He has an in -depth knowledge of business requirements, market analysis, and has managed numerous selection processes and negotiations on IT solutions for blue-chip organisations.

    Previous to his consultancy career, Jan Erik worked at several Norwegian Banks for 16 years, lastly as Bank Manager.

    Jan-Erik’s past projects include Project Manager at Oslo Børs to implement SAXESS as the new trading system, advisor to the Bank of Norway in developing their strategy as banker to the Government, and developing market strategies for vendors to the Bank and Financing Industry.

  • Dr. Peter Szilagyi

    Peter has been an external fixed-income consultant to the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank.

    Peter’s consulting experience includes developing roadmaps for foreign bond market development and its role in financial sector development.

    Peter is Associate Professor of Finance at CEU Business School. Prior to joining CEU in 2014, he served seven years at Judge Business School, University of Cambridge, where he maintains a fellowship. He obtained a PhD from Tilburg University and held a research fellowship at Saïd Business School, University of Oxford.

  • Alessandro Rabbiosi

    Alessandro is a highly skilled IT consultant, entrepreneur and project manager with over 20 years’ experience in financial services delivering multi million pound business critical trading and compliance systems across the technology stack. Alessandro’s clients include tier one investment banks, asset managers, exchanges, and enterprise trading technology companies in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas

    Key achievements include complete implementation of a low latency trading service encompassing 18 European trading venues with a project budget of £30 million and a revolutionary cloud based regulatory compliance tool.

  • Ranil Perera

    Ranil is a widely experienced former Regulator who has occupied management positions at the UK Financial Services Authority. He now provides risk and compliance services to authorised firms banks, investment firms and insurance companies covering prudential conduct and anti-financial-crime regulatory requirements. He has drafted Capital Adequacy and Liquidity Adequacy Assessments, assisted with Own Risk and Solvency Assessments as well as governance arrangements, systems and controls and compliance policies and procedures. He has also provided provided training in these areas. Recent projects include: Basel III / CRD IV, Solvency II, and EMIR.

    Ranil’s previous employers were the Financial Services Authority, Touche Ross, Price Waterhouse (now PWC) and Barclays Bank.

  • Sezai Bekgoz

    Dr. Sezai Bekgoz has multiple degrees and qualifications across a range of securities and derivatives markets, accounting, due diligence and management specialities. Sezai, has held senior roles and Board level positions in Borsa Istanbul, Turkish CSD, Turkish Derivatives Exchange, Takasbank, Turkish Capital Market Board and in other major organisations.

    • 33 years’ experience in fixed income, equity / equity derivatives and energy as well as precious metals and commodity market experience
    • Tremendous post trade experience covering CSD, CCP settlement models, collaterals and risk management models.
    • Oversaw the implementation of the entire clearing system at Istanbul Takasbank
    • Legal, regulatory and rules design and authorship

Consultant profiles

  • Former CEOs, CIOs and COOs of financial market institutions
  • Senior Consultants with at least 20 years of direct experience in their field
  • A range of qualified Accountants, Lawyers, Regulators and Technologists
  • Business, IT and Project management experience
  • Knowledge of developing and emerging market processes and issues
  • Familiarity with global, regional and domestic standards and benchmarks
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